Thursday, February 4, 2010

An early Valentine...

OK ok~so I made it for myself...still counts, doesn't it?

So I saw this cute little necklace in an {un named catalog} and thought "hey, that's pretty darned cute...$118? Ya right!" I've been a little-oh, shall we say-'uninspired" lately. It was time to get off the booty and whip up something cute and simple.

I have a small handful of these gorgeous garnet chunks that I haven't done anything with for ages (and just happens to be my birthstone) I love how imperfect they's all fairly dainty-the "live" nugget is about 1/2 inch long. I pierced, sawed and sanded the open heart charm and oxidized both for a little extra warmth.

I struggled with what word I wanted to stamp...LOVE seemed so-easy? It was my first thought-then decided to go with my "word of the year".

Seems as though in early January everyone was pegging their word of the year. Their word to live by in 2010. I never professed mine but picked it out and kept it all snug in the back of my mind.


A little meaning behind this....after "the great scare of December 2009" with the funky lung CT all I could think was "I want to LIVE" I was scared, wide-eyed, weak, name it, I felt it. Now that the scare is behind me and we moved to 2010 "live" took on an additional meaning and I want to wear it to remind me...

As a SAHM of 3 little ones and trying to get a small business off the ground at the same time it's hard to find balance. Days start to feel somewhat reminiscent of "Groundhog Day"-the same day over and over. Laundry, dishes, breakfast, off to school, lunches, clean ups, nap time/(ME time!), home from school, homework, dinner, bedtime...over and over and over...and my "me" time is roughly 2 hrs if I'm lucky. So "live" takes on something else now. Live it up. Go for it. Switch it up. Go somewhere. Get out of the house. Do something. Have fun....You only live once.



Angela said...

I think your necklace is lovely. This year I want to make more jewelry so thanks for the inspiration. I have made a few bracelets, either with a friend or at a workshop. I am the type that needs an "event" hosted by someone else to be creative...atleast in this capacity and thus far. Your things are beautiful and so is your photography.

I found your blog by clicking "Next blog" at the top of my blog page.

Happy day,

Angela Wright said...

Love this post! :) and that necklace!!

Amanda said...

Thanks! :)