Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Hallelujah! The new computer screen we ordered for the laptop did the trick! I had almost 400 pics to upload-whew! I have a sneaking hunch the next few days you may be overloaded with picture heavy posts ;)

Here's a few from Chloe's first soccer practice for the spring session...

Playing with a little sunflare...

Anyone else ever get "the stink-eye"?

Andddddd...he snaps out of it!


It's been absolutely gorgeous in our little part of the world. Sunny almost every day and mild temps. Chloe scored 3 goals for her soccer team on Saturday and is thrilled. Has her pumped up for next week-funny what that can do for your confidence. We leave for for a family wedding/vacation in Florida soon and the kids are so excited. On Gabe's list is building sandcastles and going to Busch Gardens to see animals. Chloe's just excited to get gussied up and go a wedding on a beach and be out of school while her friends are still there (lol) and Sawyer? I just hope he survives the drive down. Or we do. One or the other.

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