Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Don't be jealous of my bag...:)

Well, I'm still on the old dinosaur computer...awaiting the new laptop screen that was ordered. Sure hope this will work! I've been so many pictures and have nowhere to upload...wah!

My Artist's Way 2 coarse started back up last week-looks like a fun group and am looking forward to seeing everyone weekly :)

Our magnolia tree bloomed~and is dropping it's blooms like crazy today. I sat out on the front steps doing my homework for class trying to get some sun on my legs and huge petals were raining all over me...Smells so good. Perfect day.

Oh, and I won a cutey patootie purse last night from Lindsey over at The Pleated Poppy! It's the first time I've ever won anything and I am JAZZED! I've had her posy pins on my xmas list, birthday list-you name it for maybe 2 years now. {he can't take a simple hint?} I loooove her blog and visit daily~go check it out!


Chloe's soccer has started back up...Trav's indoor soccer is almost done...Gabe's resisting afternoon naps...Sawyer's in the throe's of terrible two's {and 2 yr molars-ugh}...started couch to 5K again and so far so good (and bought a pair of super cute capris a little too small for inspiration to lose a few more lbs)...huge neighborhood garage sale coming up-wow we've got a bunch of stuff!...lots of shopping {but with no luck} to find the perfect dress for a Florida beach family wedding next month...oh, and we're going primarily organic and it feels really good :)

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