Thursday, April 22, 2010

On this Earth day~

I've been wandering around with the camera around my neck grabbing shots of signs of spring. This time of year seems to fly by us and I don't want to forget it. I tend to sit in awe at what we're surrounded by sometimes but hardly take a second glance at. It's really amazing.

I used macro mode for most but wish I had a macro lens.

My dads lilacs. They're enormous.


Our sad lone tulip. It really needs some friends. This fall I really need to remember to plant some more. Someone remind me then-k? ;)

Our Magnolia tree in the front. *Gasp* I wish it would always stay this beautiful. The blooms don't last near long enough. We spent as much time under the canopy of flowers as we could.

This was the first bloom on the magnolia "bush" I caught before the flowers all opened overnight.

And our sad single daffodil. Only one bloomed :( Not sure why.

Unfortunately this year we won't be planting a garden like last year (behind our neighbor's house) but I plan to get the kids involved and digging in the dirt when it's time to split and transplant some plants soon. I'm sad about the loss of the garden but plan to try and buy as much fresh produce locally at our farmer's market this year.
We are recycle freaks and tend to have more recycling than garbage. Wish we could have more containers. Chloe's job is to take to the curb and Gabe's is to bring up the empties. About a month ago I caught Sawyer going to the basement door, opening it (gasp! eek!!) and throwing his yogurt container in the recycling can. My jaw was on the floor. He is less than 2 years old-but I guess he's paid enough attention to the kinds of things that go in there instead of the trash. What a feeling to know you're doing something right!


Linda said...

Cool....another Bella :) Loved those photos of spring blooming! Don't you just love spring? Thanks for visiting my blog too. Have a great day!! I'll add myself as a follower.

Sunshine and Shadows said...

Your spring pictures are beautiful. I love your redbud blossoms.

Budy said...

nice photo colection bella u could turn this thing from passion 2 a job u look god at it :P

honda said...

Very very nice Blog and photos, I like it

BelleDame said...

Awe! Lilacs and Japanese Magnolias are my favorite! Breathtaking pictures!