Monday, April 5, 2010


Our computer monitor bit the dust. Waiting on the part that will hopefully solve the I am currently on our ancient laptop that is almost worse than having no computer at all-lol.

I did dig thru some old photos that are on here tho and ran across this sweet pic of Gabe from 2 years ago.

Right before he fell and lost those sweet little chicklets up front there...:(
What a little sweetie.
{Just cos I hate to post w/o a pic hehe.}

We've been super busy here but I feel we have nothing to really show for it.
Neighborhood egg hunt, 3 stops for Easter, huge basement clean up, lots of walks and stating Couch to 5K over again~spring!! Throw in a few doctor appts, air duct cleaning, lost contact & vision testing, repeat ct from the fall (good), spring cleaning/getting ready for garage sale, taxes (ugh), researching basement paints and trying to find a driveway guy-whew!

And as we go on with these day to day things lately I've been trying to figure out how on earth I'll have the time to make items for a show coming up in June. I know it seems so far away but I haven't had the chance to sit at the torch for a couple months! Add a vacation and a 2cd birthday party in between now and then....agh. Oh! And the Artist's Way class starts back on Wednesday night! :)

Trav says I'll always find an excuse and that I just need to sign up for it-that I work better under pressure anyway. He's right...But right now I'm mad at Sam's Club for discontinuing the table I need (just need 1 more for art fairs and had planned to get it NOW), don't like my table coverings and don't have enough displays..ya, I know. whine whine


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