Friday, October 9, 2009

Oh boy-a new love...

Have you met these little guys yet? Oh this new show is the cutest!! If you have a little one 2-4 surely by now you've been sucked into Dinosaur Train by now.

Every morning it's like Gabe knows somehow when it's 8:30 and he starts jumping and dancing waiting for it to come on. I always chuckle at the silly theme song they have and we almost all have it memorized by now. It's like a contest to see how many words we all get right.

Now that I've done my public service

Beading news: Got lots of beads made today! Bad news is I probably won't be able to get to making anything until Monday since we've got so much going on all weekend. In my tray ready to go are the maings of a new lariat, ring, bookmarks, beaded bangle, keychain, pin and a pendant. I love it when I can whip thru a great batch of beads and know I can get a big chunk of stuff whipped up when I'm ready.

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Mary said...

LOL! Have you seen the "Dinosaur Poop" episode!? Justin goes around saying "Everybody poops" now. HILARIOUS!

I mean genius right? Dinosaurs + Trains = Little Boy Heaven! Why didn't I think of this?