Wednesday, October 14, 2009

*i have the blahs

Ok this is the umpteenth day in a row of rain and dreariness. No, I'm not posting any jewelry photos as there is no sunlight to take you'll have to wait. :P

I did a couple new things whipped up today though. It's always a good day when I feel like I got something accomplished. There's still so much to do to get ready for this sale though! Stess!

In other news: I received the call that Gabe got into preK starting on Monday! He's excited---I'm a nervous wreck. Will he fall down the steps? Will he be the little turkey in the class always in trouble or the good kid? Will he end up sick all of the time? Too many what ifs and I just need to chill out-I know...

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Shyla said...

He is going to be fine and Yeah for Gabe! He is going to have fun and be fine. You will be fine too after you leave that is when you cry. Well that is what I did on Zane's first day.