Sunday, November 2, 2008

Making "ghosties"

as Gabe calls them. This was interesting to do w/ a 2 year old with all the Elmer's glue running down my arm...Turned out cute-although next time I may add starch or something to make them stiffer...

Here's a picture of what we used...(1/2 elmer's 1/2 water)

One balloon blower-upper

Drape over the balloons and let dry overnight-in a nasty basement or not-your choice.(this was before the teeth incident)

Chloe modeling the "after"-before we hung them from the porch.

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Shyla said...

Cute I saw on Martha Stewart's website that they made night lights like your ghost and made it with mod podge glue and they were stiffer. Hope Gabe is doing well.