Thursday, November 20, 2008

I just love this little guy!

Gabe is my little buddy. He's just got the sweetest personality in the world. Even for how challenging 2 yr olds can be-he's pretty darned good. Here he is laying on our bed in the sunshine with his beloved froggie.

Been working on those silhouettes! Chloe's is finished (but may need to be tweaked) and here is a shot of Gabe's. I think it turned out pretty good!!! And it looks exactly like him which I think is so cool. :)

My friend Kim and I have been mulling around ideas for fun classes to take. We'd both really love to do some sort of sewing/knitting class but so far none to be found in my area. I think a digital photography class would be awesome and I have a feeler out hoping to track a class down........Anyone in Spfld know of any good places? hint*hint*

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Shyla said...

That is very good of Gabe and it does look like him. You could call photography studio's to find out if they know about any classes and I am talking about the really good ones. Ritz photo also has some classes that you can take to learn about your camera. If you have a joann's craft store around they have classes that you can take for quilting/sewing and they might even have knitting. You could always ask granny to teach you since she is a knitter. There are some knitting/yarn stores around there that also might offer a class or two. Hope that this helps.