Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Handmade pledge

With all the talk out there about taking the handmade challenge I'm just curious if any of you have done this as well? I really really really wish that I could but with kids it's jut unrealistic right now with the plastic junk they want from Target.I do always try to make a little something for each person in some way at Christmastime. I am ALWAYS looking for new ideas! I know family members assume and expect something with glass beads and I like to shake it up a bit...

Now I saw this in a magazine and thought they were precious-these hairbands. I am envisioning a glass bead instead of a button in the center of coarse and different fabrics-but you get the idea. I also picture them as pins as well as hairbands. *sniff* since I just cut 13 inches of Chloe's hair off I guess she can't use anything like this-lol.

Now if there any immediate family members reading stop NOW! lol

I've been thinking alot about those old silhouettes we all used to make back in the day. My dad still has mine hanging in their house from kindergarten. I look at it and remember how much it sucked to sit that still so the teacher could trace my shadow on the wall. There ain't NO way my kids would sit that still. Thankfully there are ways to digitally do this w/ profile pictures. I found the cutest little triple matted frames to do all 3 kids. The openings are about the size of a large wallet picture and have a double mat of black around each opening. This photo is an example from etsy but I left and didn't get the etsy address-sorry! Mine will be littler than this one-hope it's not too difficult to do as small as I want!!

I'd love to hear if anyone out there makes/buys handmade. I think it shows the person receiving that you cared to do something special just for them. :)


Shyla said...

I love homemade gifts. I have in the past made pillow cases, humbug bags, and tote bags for people and table runners. I think it shows that you are loved and thought of often when you make homemade gifts. I right now am working on a dress quilt for bryleigh and will have Zane's done hopefully by christmas. I think that is a great idea and sorry I didnt stop reading thought it was great. Shyla

Amanda said...

i love those humbug bags!!! i use mine your mom made me every single day.