Thursday, November 13, 2008

A gift...

I love making personalised jewelry-and I love that my neighbor Lindsey asks me to make it for her to give as gifts. It makes me feel great to know someone else out there appreciates the same style.

Here's the necklace I whipped up for her friend Leslie. I hope she likes it. I understand she also received a watch in gold/silver tones for her birthday. Funny coincidence. :)


Angela Wright said...

Love this! how big are the name circles? Dime sized? Can you email me a price for this? and or / how you price - is it per circle? thanks! Love looking at your work! I am going to try and get by your booth at the Holiday event.

Amanda said...

Thanks Angela-I emailed you.
$42 for the necklace shown-would price differently for the amount of disks/metals used and if you wanted a longer length of chain.
Hope to see you there!