Thursday, March 13, 2008

Not much to say today. Just listed a new necklace on etsy. Kinda cute for spring. Went to Chloe's school today for a parent/child math thing and got to talk to her teacher for quite awhile about things. Always nice to get the inside scoop that you don't hear from your kid everyday (plus it's always great to hear how good she's doing and that she's a good kid in general). :)
Well,my project I wanted to work on this weekend will have to be on hold i guess...bummer. Had to make an order yesterday for some supplies I needed that won't come until Monday-maybe I'll try to work on something different this weekend then work on that next week...I just hate when I have an idea and can't do it NOW. Instant gratification kind of person I guess...especially since I"m excited about it. Just hope what I have pictured and how it turns out will be the same...

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