Friday, June 18, 2010

Random Friday

My camera is all packed up. These were taken a couple of weeks ago after our bad flash flood here in town. Our yard was still waterlogged-so once the sprinkler came on it turned into a mudpit-Chloe and her friend had a blast going down a wet slide landing in a pond or swinging on the rope seeing how high they can splash. *Trav had fun scrubbing the side of the garage after that...: headache today
: soooo humid out
: fed the geese today and walked the trail by Trav's work
: the sunroom is lined with totes for the art fair tomorrow.
: Can't believe how much stuff I have/need for it.
: it's going be hot tomorrow. bad
: I want to go buy a battery operated fan tonite somewhere

: visited my dad and stepmom this morning. he may have refractured his pelvis :(
: it's going to be a long summer for him
: i reallllly need to vacuum
: hoping to go to a little art thingie at Norb Andy's tonite
: trav's taking the kids swimming after work so I can finish packing and wrapping up loose ends

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