Sunday, June 20, 2010

First outdoor art fair

Let's see how much my van can hold without bursting, mmmmk? Eep-I didn't think the tent was going to fit. We had to rearrange three times and slide a seat over to wiggle it in.
Here's my tent all set up. I ran out of room for a few busts and rearranged the set up a couple times to make room for my checkout area. I think I'll switch something around next week and see if there's any better way to arrange it all to fit. Overall I thought it was ok though? :)

Table shot

How about we take a little tour from the back table working our way up to the front, shall we?
Travis made my pendant board...

My funny little easter egg tree turned keychain hanger.
Travis made me my copper earring holder-love it. I got tons of comments on that thing-lol.
I only wish now I'd had him build it 2 or 3 tiered...
Maybe I can talk him into another one? You reading this, honey?

Moving towards the inner corner...some glass rods shown for people who don't understand that the beads are actually handmade by these rods of glass.

Screened frame for pins and extra earrings. Burlap bracelet rolls.

Checkout area

The front. I love how my glass cases turned out! They were these silly candle holder things I bought a couple years ago-I think I may have actually blogged about them when i found them. Glass was restored, metal painted, foam was cut in wedges and slipcovered in burlap and necklaces easily pinned into place-I had many compliments from other jewelers on them.

The framed photos of past custom work actually was a bigger hit than I expected and had quite a few custom orders from people already thinking ahead for Christmas. Christmas already? Eeep. that reminds me I was thinking about home parties for the holidays. Now all of a sudden I feel overwhelmed-lol.

I'm signed up to do the same show next weekend as well. It was nice to have a smaller venue to be able to concentrate on the set up and tear down timing as well as tweaking presentation. Next week I plan to play with the set up again as well as more outdoor/close-up's of my jewelry to get any extras added into my Etsy shop. :)

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