Sunday, June 27, 2010

Artist market~week 2

My second week of the Artist Market was yesterday.
I decided to set up my tent in a different configuration than the week before to experiment..I'm not sure which way I like better yet. Each had their advantages/disadvantages.
There was quite a bit of foot traffic concidering how HOT it got. I met lots of nice people, had quite a few sales and was asked to wholesale in a gorgeous boutique.
Now I feel I can finally sit back and breathe!! That was a busy couple of weeks! Unfortunately yesterday ended in a migraine-either from the extreme heat or the lack of allergy meds. I'm just so glad it didn't hit full force until last night!!!
Travis has been out jackhammering our driveway and has found a driveway underneath our driveway-that's always a fun find-not. It's been raining on and off all morning so we may run to the video store and just hunker down and relax today...hope everyone has a great Sunday! :)

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