Monday, June 14, 2010

Kids art projects week 1

I've had the urge to paint lately. Not quite sure what it is...I painted in school- a ton. Why don't I ever do it anymore? Honestly-to the point that the other night at a stop light I gasped at how gorgeous the sky was and tried picturing the colors I'd use to paint it...Guess that should tell me something. (?)
So I saw this blog post about weekly art projects with your kids for the summer and got inspired-I could do this! Chloe's been talking about signing up for art camp-maybe she'd get a kick out of trying some new ideas.
Our finished pieces laid out to dry.

Gabey's-not bad for a 3 yr old with no help

Chloe's friend, Shaylee, who had spent the night


Chloe's talking about how she wants to start over and make her petals brighter-I said that's the beauty of watercolor-just put some more right over the top-wahlah! We're going to work on that today. I am envisioning big white mats, black frames and a gallery of bright flowers on the staircase wall.....Wouldn't that be pretty?

These are the blogs for inspiration I found this project through here and here.
They were so easy! Just pencil in a "bee's eye view" of a flower, trace w/ a sharpie then fill in. They feel very "stained glass" feeling when you're done. Make sure each side is touching the edge or running off...that's it! :) I pulled up Georgia O'Keefe paintings in Google images for the kids to go through before starting to give them some ideas and off they went.

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