Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Part 4...yep, still working on em!

Can you tell I got tired of uploading pictures? I needed a little break I suppose.

Anyhow, these are from our day at Busch Gardens. I'll spare you the other 400+ of them and just throw a few on here...

Here are the greeters as we walked in. They had all sorts of stilt characters walking around the place. Gabe was terrified of them.

Our first stop was the wooden roller coaster. I was shocked when Chloe agreed to go on it with me-since she'd never been on one before. I have a feeling she is officially done with roller coasters and is permanently traumatized. Here is our photo immediately afterwards commemorating the event-still a bit scrambled.

I was able to take home a lovely souvenier of it as well. I wn't be riding anymore wooden coasters that's for sure. I spared you the fist-sized bruises on either thiegh. My arm got 10x worse than this.

They loved the splash park they have there...

Nice rules. Once again-me with the signs. Glad they don't want people with diarreah in there-lol.

The bird habitat was so cool! they'd come and land on you and pose for pictures.

Why, hello there!

Gabe was in love with the tiger area.

It's easy to see why-look at this gorgeous creature! Just look at how close I was able to get-with just that piece of glass between us...

Here's another stilt guy-a grasshopper? Gabe was trying to climb up Travis while screaming if I remember correctly while he took our picture.

He was also really into the animal shaped topiaties all around. There were pretty cool. He informed me that we need some in our yard...ummm...ya-I'll get right on that.

Caught the elephants getting baths and a drink from the hose~

Played on some statues~

Got up close and personal with this cute guy...

This one too. How gorgeous is he? I was about 6 inches from his head. Cool, eh?

At the end of the day we found a couple crocs in the water soaking with a little iron fense (with another sort of protective liner stuff inside) around them. Gabe wiggled his finger near the fensing calling him and wouldn't you know that sucker beelined it over-just a few inches away from him? Scared me to death-creepy how it sat there staring at my child. Ick.

And our family pic they always make you pose for when you walk in. lol. Makes me miss my jogging stroller...was stolen last week. :(

That's it for today. Off to start piecing some table slipcovers for my tent. My first outdoor art fair is a week from this Saturday. Eep. Wish me luck.

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