Wednesday, December 2, 2009

An interesting few days...

That's putting it mildly!

So on Monday I went in to the allergist to have a CT scan done to just get a good look at my lungs and see how things look with this newly diagonsed asthma. Over 3 hrs later I leave sobbing convinced I have lung cancer.

My scan showed a small mass in my lower right lung along with mild emphysema. I have of coarse been on pins and needles, crying and nauseated ever since then. I don't do well with health drama concerning myself since I've had kids.

Somehow I was able to slip into an appt slot with a very busy pulmonologist this morning. Things he said made Travis feel much better-me? A little better-not 100%. Apparently because of it's nice shape and roundness he feels it doesn't look like "nasty cancer" as he called it and I will be getting a PET scan done next week and a follow up CT in 3 months to watch for growth.

Ok-so that should make me feel better, right? I mean-I already had the scenario in my head of him saying immediately "this doesn't look so good" so I do have some relief in not hearing those words... I guess just the fact that there is something IN me and I don't know what is IS is driving me berserk. To top things off he says it's in a spot that cannot be biopsied if tests come back bad. That is always lovely to hear. Maybe that's why I didn't leave with warm and toasty thoughts...

So anyway-if you're reading this please send me some good healthy vibes.


Shyla said...

Sorry Mandy I am sending you all of my healthy vibes right now. Keep me posted!

Becky said...

we chatted last night and you didn't TELL me! Good grief! I know you are beside yourself, that's completely understandable. I'm sending you great good vibes, why on earth would you have emphysema? You've never smoked! I have had asthma since birth but it has only bothered me "at times" as an adult. I get winded fast, especially climbing up hills or stairs, long walks etc...and I've only had two attacks as an adult. But just so you know there is a bit of family history regarding asthma. Of course Granny and Aunt Sharon both have emphysema, though they both smoked. Your Mom likely has it too.
Email me all your updates. We leave on Monday to begin the journey back, I think it's Wednesday we fly up to Philadelphia, there two days and leave from there. So please keep me posted okay? We love you, keep positive thoughts as it brings positive to you.