Tuesday, December 8, 2009

One foot in front of the other

Gabe and I at the Festival of Trees on Thanksgiving night

Well, I'd calmed down since the previous post but now my PET scan is approaching fast (tomorrow morning) and I'm starting to slowly freak out. I found out through a friend in radiology that I can't be around (mainly) Sawyer for at least 8 hours afterwards since I'll be putting off radiation. Sigh. So the plan is for Trav to take the whole day off and for me to stay out of the house and finish up Christmas shopping and delivering jewelry orders. Hoping I can at least get a lot accomplished while childless...
I'm hoping I don't end up melting into a puddle of fear afterwards knowing that I will have to wait until next Monday to get any results. I'm just praying it's scar tissue from the pneumonia I had a few months ago and not anything serious.....I'll tell ya what-it's funny how it takes times like this to make you sit back and readjust your priorities and look at your life from a new angle...

Attaching photos from the Festival of Trees since #1 I never got around to it and #2 I hate blogging w/o pictures. Even "poor me" posts like this one-lol.

Gabe and Trav

Alice in Wonderland theme tree

Twilight theme tree-hmm...I like Twilight and all but......

Chloe and Nana

Doesn't Gabe look almost giddy?

Poor Sawyer-he was there you just wouldn't know it! Maybe my next post should be about that little guy-lol.

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one-eared pig said...

Best wishes for good results!