Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Goodies

I sure hope everyone had a great Christmas! Between all of the different grandparents we're still not finished up with Christmas get together's-it makes it feel like the holiday lasts a good long time :)

We did have a bit of a scare on Christmas night. Someone was beating on our door and ringing the bell over and over. We woke panicked-convinced our house was on fire. It ended up being a deaf man unable to communicate with us and left. We have since found out this same man was arrested not long ago for a robbery at a candy store around the corner. I was convinced he was scoping out the house before he was going to break in-unfortunately it looks like I was right. Thankfully nothing happened and all is well.

Looks like Sawyer claimed Gabe's big-wheel for himself.
A shot of Chloe at Nana's house in front of the tree. I was playing around with a bokeh technique I'd read about over on Amanda's blog.

It's a's a plane.......

I had to add the picture of these curls....we probably won't be seeing them around here for much longer. It's almost haircut time for this little guy and he'll start looking like a big boy.....:(

Sharing my Grandmother's tree. It's not big or fancy-but there's something comforting about it to me.

My plan was to start showing some handmade gifts we made for the kids this week but between wading through all of the new toys and my weak attempt at home organization I haven't had a chance to compile the pictures. I'll get to that soon!!

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Angela Wright said...

oh my gosh~ that is scary! Glad you had a wonderful christmas!! Just wanted to tell you that Jessica LOVES her necklace! She said she feels a little more "hip" wearing it! haha..