Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Custom Christmas

There was a slew of custom orders for Christmas this year. Here's a handfull of shots-so many gravitated toward the same necklace-the tri color lariat. Here are a few variations of it~

I'm praying since it's officially after Christmas no one will be surprised seeing their kids names on here-lol...

Here is one requested in gold and silver only.

With all metals represented (brass, sterling and copper) with a 4th charm...
With 2 children we came up with something extra to fill it in some and think this worked well! :) Mom and Dad's initials with a cut out heart.

Once again all metals with 4 charms~

And the classic one with 3 charms.

They are so simple, sweet and lightweight. Just love them. I keep saying I'm going to make one for myself but haven't gotten to that yet. Each charm is slightly smaller than a dime and spin around and jingle against each other and lay higher on the chest-picture clasping just under the collar bone and the charms lying underneath...Just love em...

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