Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Spring can't come fast enough!

I really hate March-don't ask-I just do. But-it means that spring is around the corner so I've just got to trudge through it to get to the other side, right? :)

Taxes (or avoiding doing them) has been consuming my time. My good friend Kim just lost her sweet dog to kidney failure and that has me sad. Girl scout cookies are arriving in time to put those 3 lbs back on that I recently dropped. DWTS is coming back on next week (yea!) and I just finished the Twilight book series. That about sums up life lately.

I was thinking: there must've been some truth in the Artist's way morning pages I was doing back in January. They did motivate me and clear my mind and make me feel the urge to create throughout the day...I am not, however, motivated to wake up earlier than I have to do-especially when I have 2 who wake me 5-6 times each night...know what I mean? I miss doing those pages though. I'd really like to get back to it.

The foyer is coming along nicely. Trav is almost finished with the mudding and sanding. Next step is to prime the walls and get the huge mirror bolted back onto the wall. I chose a wall color called Spanish Olive by Benj Moore and am anxious to see how it will look in there...it's a soft light olive green. We still need to lay the wood floor and strip, sand and stain the stair treads and find spindles. No new picture since it pretty much looks the same-just smoother walls and holes filled in.

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