Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Stupid people suck!

Open letter to the dumbass who hit my 2 yr old with her car in the doctor's parking lot this am:
Scrape your damn windows! How hard is it-really!? Look before you back out-you're in a PARKING LOT there may be PEOPLE walking by your CARRRRRRRR...

Ok I guess I'm done.

What an eventful morning!! So I go in for a checkup with the urologist to talk about the pathology of that nasty kidney stone and on the way in this lady just puts it in reverse and runs right into Gabe!!! (This kid-I'm thinking doesn't have the best of luck-huh?) Now honestly-I don't know how hard she really hit him...I screamed as I felt him going down while holding his hand-not sure if it was the car that pushed him or him slipping on the snow as he tried to get out of the way since it all happened so fast. I yanked him-hard-a couple feet and she stopped and just sat there. Oh ya- lady? Thanks for getting out or even cracking your window to ask if he was ok by the way...errrrrrrrrrr...

So I squat and brush the snow off of his ENTIRE BODY since I drug him out of the way and she sits there not moving-staring at us in horror thru the 5 inch swoosh of open glass she thinks is appropriate to brush off her drivers side window to see out. I give her the eye. I shake my head. I yell a couple choice words. She sits there. Says not a word. As we walk in I turn and look back a couple of times and she's still sitting there backed 1/2 way out. Probably shitting herself. I hope so.

The receptionist asks if it's slick out. I said ya but luckily I didn't slip when I had to yank him out from under the bumper of a car out there. That's when it happened. Oh boy.....tears galore!!!!! Total mama meltdown w/ bout...oh say...20? people staring at me?! She runs to get her boss and they wisk us back to an exam room and check Gabe out all over. I said the only thing hurting if any would be his shoulder from me yanking him as hard as I did...He's totally fine thank God and it could have been so much worse...Doesn't stop me from shaking like a leaf and bawling though...So in comes hospital security.....then a Spfld cop to take reports. mortified. No I didn't get her license plate. Dummy.

Oh ya in other news-wooooooooohoooooooooooooo I can't eat chocolate anymore! What's that you say? yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa CHOCOLATE you heard me right. Things are not right in thsi world today. He says the pathology shows it's dietary. Here's your list of food to avoid. I scroll down saying ah not bad,I don't drink soda,coffee,tea much...eh tofu? no problem...say whaaaaaaaa?????-does this say chocolate? You've gotta be kiddin me! God help me it's the holdiays!

Oh-and you should know-I brushed every*stinkin*snowflake off of each and every window of the van when we left!!

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Shyla said...

I am glad to hear that Gabe is ok I think that I would of been beating the damm car if it was me. So why can't you eat any of those foods does it upset your stomach? I didn't know that you had anything wrong with you except that stone. Anyway I am on countdown mode my in-laws are coming Thursday and Donny and I still have to shop for the kids. I have your bag done but I will have to copy and send you the instructions and highlight what I followed.