Tuesday, December 23, 2008

i think*i hope*i pray

that I'm done shopping for Xmas...I keep going over and over my list thinking I've forgotten something-but isn't it like that every year?

Wow, I've been hearing so many stories of it taking over 1/2 hr to get from one parking lot to the next or just that long to get OUT of a parking lot. I'm so thankful I'm finished and can officially stay in here (blogging-lol) in my pj's while 2 boys are snoring upstairs in a warm house. I'm watching the "wintery mix" out the window the weatherman is talking about on the tv right now.

We've gotten a big jump-start on wrapping each night when the kids are in bed. Only 1gift for Chloe has made it under the tree and you'd think it was a box of gold the way she is eyeballing it -so excited. She can't stop talking about that one little bitty gift-it's hilarious. If she only knew how many were in the basement. lol

There's been a few times in the past week that Santa (or the lack thereof) has been brought up in our house. Apparently a boy in her class announced that there is no Santa (what?) and that their parents lie and buy it all and wrap and sneak it under the tree when they're asleep. When asked what she believes she says (chuckle) that she DOES believe but she didn't tell him cos she didn't want to get into it. She says she KNOWS there's NO WAY her parents could afford all of that and that the whole idea is NUTS. Like my mp3 player from last year was in the HUNDREDSSSSS there's no way you could buy that for me! (um...try 29.95 cough cough but ok...)

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