Friday, December 5, 2008


Thank you so much to Miss Mary!!

I've mentioned Mary and her dad on here before. He makes these awesome wooden cars and she manages the whole shebang.

This was sent to Gabe as a gift to ease his little toofer pain-lol. She felt bad about his teeth getting knocked out. Here's a great shot of the infamous lack of teeth and his awesome racecar! If anyone has any little ones to shop for for Christmas please visit their Etsy shop for great gift ideas!

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Mary said...

Oh MY GOD! He is so cute. I'm so glad he like the car. I just got your note in the mail yesterday. So very sweet of you. And Gabe is really talented with the art, just like his Mama!!

Justin carried around the card all day and this morning saying "MAIL! Me MAIL!" The kid is crazy for mail and loves it when I give him something we got in the mail. So, happy babies everywhere. Yay!

XOXO, Mary

PS: Also glad to hear the sleep sacks are working for you. I can't imagine living without them, but J is almost too big for the biggest size. Am VERY bummed. Maybe I can get some custom made on ETSY. I've been searching and think there's some hope for us there.

Oh, and thanks for the plug for Dad's shop. He's getting some Christmas orders in and is thrilled to pieces people are interested in his toys.