Wednesday, December 10, 2008


So I'm typing away the other day and my screen goes dim-check my plugs, then find the light on the power box thingie on the cord is out. Trav has had to resolder some connections in there a few times-it had officially bit the dust.

So thank goodness that my brother in law has an old laptop he doesn't use often since he prefers his desktop. It's gotten us by for a few days to finish up some xmas shopping online and to order a new power source and also a new laptop(merry xmas to us, huh?)-so now we'll have 2-no more racing to see who gets to the computer first-lol. Seriously-we needed a new one so bad anyway-it runs sooooooooo slow.

I have been having some SERIOUS AOL-IM withdrawls here!I hate that I can't upload pics, no photoshop to work with, can't access my photos on the comp to make xmas gifts I had planned......that power cord better get here FAST! I have too much to do! **panic!!**

Ohhhhhhhhhh but in other GOOD news!! I went shopping tonite at that crazy Design Ideas holiday store they do every yr (gel gems galore...) and snagged some really cute candle sticks for the dining room. Everything else ended up to be display type stuff for jewelry...I don't get it-I went in looking for stocking stuffers and came out with these crazy looking glass contraptions-I think they were called "candle aquariums" anyhow,they're metal and have glass on all 3 sides bout 10 inches high-maybe 16 inches long or more...I am totally seeing them as jewelry displays. I bought 2...I wonder if I need to go back for more........eek! I think I Now I just have to fiddle around with how to make it into something...Sure wish I could post a picture *cough cough* and get ideas from others what I could do with them...soon enough...OHHHHHHHHHH I also got these huge humungous hot pink flowers for my front door! Come on spring! Hurry up and get here so I can put these puppies on my front door! lol.

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