Thursday, August 14, 2008

Trip to the zoo

We took an impromptu trip to St Louis Zoo on Sunday. We hadn't been there since Chloe was Gabe's age so we thought it was time to go back. The weather was gorgeous-they were calling for 78 degrees-it was definately warmer than that but it was still nice.

Gabe on a frog~

Chloe peeking thru the railing by the train station~

Now you knowwwww it was begging for her to do this...

I have no clue how-but Chloe's feet are like dirt MAGNETS-all summer they're like this-no matter what shoes she wears...Here is her dirty foot next to a monkey footprint~

Someone fed the giraffe a leaf-I can't believe how close it came to Chloe-inches from her face~

Seems like overnight Sawyer grew long eyelashes :)

After the zoo we were driving thru Forest Park right before dusk-it was about 75 degrees and PERFECT out-so we ran thru for some fast food and went back, spread out the quilt and had a picnic and let the kids climb around this funky little area we found-was a great end to a great day!

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