Saturday, August 16, 2008

stressed OUT

So I just found out that Chloe is now moved from #5 to #2 on the waiting list for the school we really wanted her at last year but didn't get in. It's a charter school and they have a lotto to get in. It's a great school so it's exciting that she is so close but--and it's a big but-- Chloe is really upset about it. I admit I am really torn and wouldn't know what to do if they called me today. She started bawling last night and said she'd walk in and stamp her feet and tell them to send her home so they would think she's a brat and send her home.
She really loves the school she was in last year for first grade and doesn't want to leave her friends she made there. This is the tough part of being a one side-the charter school she could be bussed(which would make it tons easier on me w/ loading 2 extra little ones in the middle of winter and her school now has almost NO parking-it's awful) and the charter school offers spanish class which she doesn't get now. Oh-it also goes up to 8th grade-so no switching schools for middle school and Gabe and Sawyer would get automatic sibling preference to get in and they'd be at the same school at once.....
On the other side of the coin-(thinking back) we moved here from South Carolina when I was 10 after 4th grade. I HATED my parents for making us leave. Friends,school,our house-you name it. I know what it's like to change schools and it sucks. Now granted-she could still get togther w/ old friends from there...sigh. Now you can see why I'm spazzed out.
Maybe they won't call......then I wouldn't have to be the meanie...
Sorry just had to blab and get this off my chest.

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