Thursday, August 7, 2008

Neat find....

I ran across this idea on another beadmaker's blog today (sorry I can't remember who) but I did bookmark it for future reference. I think it's pretty nifty but who knows if I'd ever find the time to try it out... Who'd have thought-cereal boxes! I've got tons of those! Cool packaging for art fairs huh?????

Here is the link to the site with the pattern.

I have now discovered what I believe is a baby einstein cd shoved in the disk drive of the laptop and can't get it to close all the way. NO idea how I'm going to get this sucker out.

We got our new camera! I've been too busy to learn how to use it very well. There are a zillion buttons and gadgets to figure out-eek! Lots of reading to do.

I made a necklace today! It's similar to one Kerry Bogert made but I changed it around a little. I still need to fiddle around w/ the loop closure for the clasp and it's done! I will attempt to get a picture on here tomorrow. Have I ever mentioned that I hate working w/ seed beads? If not- now I have!

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