Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Guess who got herself a new camera? :)

I thought this one was sweet of Chloe and my dad. He happened to stop by as I was messing around w/ the camera the day we got it.

Classic Gabe-wearing my tennis shoes, carrying froggie and playing the kazoo.

I'd like to know how an 8 wk old can have dirty fingernails?

Here-this is for Kim and Mary. Still need to send in my 10 inches I had chopped off...that's the new cam! :) (note: the nice fingerprint Gabe had just put on the lens and I didn't see til afterwards-oh well...


Mary said...


I've said it before, but I'll say it again: You have the most gorgeous kids! Gabe playing the kazoo? Sawyer sleeping? OMG, cutest ever! And how happy does Chole look with her grandpa?

And great haircut! I can't ever seem to do anything different with mine. You look awesome!

Mary (Who seems to be on an exclamation point fest today!!)

Kim said...

OMG-I just saw this. I LOVE the look like a different person.

Kim said...

OMG-I just saw this. I LOVE the look lke a diferent person.