Thursday, August 21, 2008

Got a sick one here

Gabe started with a runny nose yesterday-but with how he's been shoving his fingers in his mouth (as many as he can fit!) I assumed his 2 year molars were the cause...It's now a full blown cold I think. He's just a mess. He's awful when he's sick-and that is quite often. He's been thru the gammet of doctors trying to figure out why he gets sick so often and when he does it's bad. Pnuemonia MANY times-I've lost count-5? He's not even 2 yet. Poor guy!

This am he woke at 7:30 and was conked out next to me on the couch by 9. Looks like we have to drag the nebulizer out earlier than I had hoped this year. Been getting lots of OJ down, vitamins and albuterol...

AND...Poor Chloe may have her first black eye just in time for the first day of school!!!! After her first soccer practice of the season Tues night she was playing on the playground and cracked her temple-big goose egg came up and now a bruise is inching across her eyelid as well as a bullseye looking bruise on her temple. :(

The GOOD news tho-is Sawyer decided 2 nights ago to try sleeping thru the night! He's going from 10pm-7am-woohoooooo! Let's hope this keeps up. I like my sleep.

I made some BIG honkin beads yesterday. My favorite cracked before hitting the kiln but I decided to put it in anyway since I wanted to see how the colors turned out and figured I could use it around the house-glue it on something (lol) and it's held together pretty good-crack isn't all the way thru-just can't sell it that way. I've got a few ideas cooking up...

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