Monday, April 14, 2008

Me? Sew?

OK I never claimed I could sew. The most I'd tackled is 2 crib skirts and a bumper pad-so my experience is pretty.....well-thin. I can, however, thread the sewing machine-only because I remember that from 7th grade home ec class.

So I got this bug to fix Chloe's jeans-she just got them for xmas but the knees were blowing out already. That fabric I fell in love w/ and showed a few posts back my cousin supplied me with since she had a little left and I went to work yesterday w/ heat bond and my sewing you know that to fit a pair of jeans up to the knee then go in a circle is impossible? At least it is for me-I have no idea how people do this stuff-lol. Let's just say after a much elevated BP, 3 broken needles and bloody fingers-it's finished-and lots had to be finished by hand...There is no way I'd show a close up-let's just put it that But overall they're kinda cute and Chloe likes them-which is what counts-right? I've got to add a pic w/ Gabe in it to even things out- :)


TexasTesla said...

Neat way to reuse those jeans! My daughter is also very rough on hers, and I'm so tired of the standard patches. (They aren't any easier to use, that's for sure)

Bella Rhys Designs said...

Thanks! Ya I was hoping for a more fun look than those old patches-let's see how these hold up! lol

Crissy said...

I bet it looks better than before with those catchy patches you put.. great works there..

Lora said...

oh so cute! love 'em!

Mary said...

OH MY GOD! Look at Gabe's hair! When did that happen? It's been a long time since I've seen a pic of that puddin!

Oh, and cool jeans. I want a pair too!


Megan said...

wonderufl JOb!!! next time, try Jeans Needles. Should keep them from breaking as much! :)

perfect and stylish way to fix up holes in the knees! so much better then the denim patches I mom used to put on mine! :) thanks for sharing!