Friday, April 25, 2008

New Etsy shops!

I listed the pink and green post earrings today....bout time huh? I've got a few ideas for sterling cooking up in my brain to make...more time consuming but(not to mention the cost of silver right now...ugh!)....we'll see if/when they get made. I made a funky name bead yesterday I've to figure out what on earth to do with.....I should get a pic of it-maybe someone would have a suggestion-lol. Been meaning to do a little metal work today and just never got around to it. Gabe was just sleeping too good and didn't want to start hammering away...

On another cousin Shyla has officially set up her etsy shop-although nothing's been listed yet but she's working on that. She sews, quilts, appliques,etc to make adorable baby and child accessories. Her site is

And another great shop to come is a collaboration between my cyber-friend Mary and her father. He looks to be a very talented woodworker (and really devoted grandad) and Mary's doing the fun computer part for him. He makes the cutest baby cars and trucks made of wood and are completely safe for these little guys to play w/-non toxic,etc...They also don't have anything posted yet but I'm anxiously waiting for some cars to start popping up in the shop since I know Gabe would totally be into them now...The site is

If anyone reading frequents etsy I think you should heart these shops if you have kids or kids to buy gifts for!! :) *wink wink*

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