Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Gorgeous weather

There's been too much baby chasing outside to get much done. It's been so nice all week and Chloe has had such cabin fever I just can't get her to stay inside...which then I feel I need to be out there as well and not depend on the other neighbor moms to feel responsible for her. Now all of a sudden Gabe's vocabulary is all "walk,wagon,walk,wagon,swing,weeeeeeeeeeee???????" ("wee" is slide in his language) and we ended up skipping nap today and spending all afternoon outside playing w/ buddies.

So needless to say I haven't gotten much done around here. I do have a few things to list but I've been messing around trying to get just the right pictures but the sun seems to be almost TOO bright to get good ones (aw too bad huh).

Our magnolia trees have been so pretty all week and now all of a sudden the flowers are shedding like crazy and it feel like you're being rained on by petals when you stand underneath-it's really pretty and the kids were loving running around trying to catch them today so they'd have "7 days of good luck" lol. ok...

I took some pics of Chloe climbing the tree last night so I'll post one so you can see how pretty it is...

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Mary said...


What gorgeous pictures! Chloe is so pretty and that tree! WOW. Congrats on spring finally getting there for you. I'd be outside all day too! Buh-bye winter!