Tuesday, February 10, 2009


You mean you don't all secretly walk around with stickers on your belly buttons and flash people? hmm. You should try it sometime :)

Man, I have had nothing to gab about! I seriously think it's this weather-makes me so blahhh. Today though......68! 68 friggin degrees in February!!! I'm going to bust out the flip flops this afternoon-watch me-I'm gonna! Does that mean I have to paint my toenails? sigh...too lazy. Neighbors will have to deal w/ naked toes.

I started the 1st Twilight book a couple nights ago and am cruising right through it. Couldn't put it down last night.

I was finally able to sit and have a bead session earlier this week. I waited til the weather broke and got in the 40's since I need a window open-brrrrrrr. Sooo...I decided to play with my X-mas gifts-new funky mandrels! I did a double button hole button (a huge heart) but-well, that's just going to take some getting used to... then a cone mandrel-so it makes a nice hollow cone so it's not so heavy-it turned out soooooo cute! I really liked working with that even tho the mandrel is a bit on the heavy side. The bead looks like a funky little party hat-love it. What to make with it-who knows? Maybe I'll make some and list em and let someone else come up with that idea.

We are going to start with the foyer remodel of our home on Thursday.(Trav gets a 5 day weekend) It is the last room that needs to be done. I am really excited to get this going-I just want to be DONE! And since that's the room that people walk into I always feel it leaves people feeling yucky even once they're in the rest of the house. You'll see what I mean when I post before pics-it's seriously gross and we close it off and don't use it. That's what is nice about having the butler staircase to be able to use...Maybe I'll post pics tomorrow. :)

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