Sunday, February 15, 2009

Foyer progress

After the mirror was taken down and moved aside. Omg it was heavy! I think it's so funny that someone, at sometime decided "hey, let's chop the foyer in 1/2 and make a weird little room behind it"

And here's the same shot after he removed the wall behind the mirror. It totally opened up the staircase now.
While the wall was still being removed. My dad stopped by to help out.
No more shampoo room! A little sad about that but the foyer is really going to look cool! I'm already thinking about garland on the stairs for Christmas-lol. We counted 3 different spots where the previous people had moved the cold air returns. Jeez! All of the old hardwood has been removed as well. You can see that huge mirror propped up by my dad there.

These were taken 2 days ago actually. Trav's torn out lots of other little bits,taken down a light, moved some electrical and will add a couple more outlets. Yesterday was filling in big holes w/ drywall so I'm sure today there will be some patching going on. I need to get online and find some inspiration for wall color or something! :)
I plan to take more pictures today after I rest a bit. Ugh-last night was awful! I ended up getting sucked into the 2cd Twilight book and forced myself to put it down at soon as I reached for my lamp Sawyer started screaming. His 2cd top tooth is being a bear and he was hysterical. Sat up with him for awhile, laid him down when he zonked, Gabe started talking in his sleep...dealt with him...climb in bed-Sawyer wakes screaming again. By now it's 2:30 and I'm kicking myself for reading when I shoulld have been sleeping. So I sit up with Sawyer again...In bed by 3....4:30 rolls around to Gabe crying "mommy-puke" omg...and yes-it was everywhere. So much for nice steaks for valentines dinner-lol. He has a fever-that's usually how he reacts when a fever is coming on. Changed sheets,he woke at 730 crying that he puked again. He ended up in bed with us after getting his sheets washed,etc. I wake at 8:00 to him between us sitting up saying "Gabey poop potty" serious? (he just did that for the first time a couple nights ago) so I was getting up to take him and I saw him swallowing alot over and over and went to snatch him up but it was too late-all over our bed. Needless to say I'm much sleep? Not much. Poor guy. He's zonked on the couch next to me. I'll bet Trav's tired enough not too do a whole heck of a lot in there today. We're supposed to take his mom to dinner tonite for her birthday but I'm wondering if that's just asking for it!

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