Monday, February 16, 2009

More foyer pics

A shot look up the stairs-note the lack of spindles now that there is no wall. Add those to the list of architectural details we need to hunt down.

Base of the stairs. There is no rail or spindles here at the bottom either since someone had built a closet there to the right at one time. See the hole in the floor? That's where the ductwork was run for Sawyer's bedroom originally up inside of that closet...
Another shot-side of stairs. I need to figure out what to put in that spot-some sort of table w/ a lamp I think. It will be directly opposite of the big mirror.

We will move the big mirror about a foot over to the right and it will go back up onto the corbeled ledge thingie it orignially sat on taking it back up to the ceiling. We just dicussed running the cold air return under it again like it was so we won't need a big grate in the floor.

Sorry for the dark picture. This is where he's wanting to build a bench across under the window. Most of these houses along here have some sort of built-in bench that hinges open at the top. That would be great for the little stuff we don't use all the time-like gloves and scarves,etc. I hate having to go to the attic and switch stuff out for the seasons!

Today Trav's been piddling around closing the air return off, moving some wiring and right now he's mudding up the holes. I think I'll be able to picture things better w/ holes patched-since that's all I can see are the holes for some reason-lol.
Gabe's back to his old self today-appetite is back and fever is gone-how bizarre! I wonder what it was that hit him? I'm just glad it's gone. I was pretty paranoid last night that it was working it's way on me-lol.

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