Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I just thought this picture was so cute of all of them lined up watching the game. Chloe's getting SO good at soccer. It's taken awhile for her to get aggressive and not shy away from the ball anymore.

There is nothing new to report here-it's been fairly boring. Think I'm finished with the pieces I'm sending over to the Holiday Hall. I still need to tweak the toggle necklace-thinking a round toggle may be in I hate when I picture something in my head and it doesn't turn out how I want.

I have a commissioned piece that I need to find a finding for which is driving me berserk and a birthday necklace to whip up BUT the beads I had made and set aside for it have disappeared! It's just been one of those weeks...Now I have to sit myself down and figure out business cards and price tags and get it all priced and ready to go. Funnnnn times.

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