Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I've got 2 projects under way that are just*about*done. It's amazing-I started both and had them so close then kid stuff happens... I feel like I never can quite finish what I start around here anymore. Between nap schedules varying for 2 little ones (seems like when one goes down the other is waking-agh!) and trying to drag out and sort thru fall/winter clothes or Chloe would be going to school in shorts. It got darned chilly FAST here. So anyhow, I HOPE I can finish those up today and get some pictures taken soon. One necklace I am especially loving and will make one for myself like it......hehehe...

Our neighbor bought a necklace I had listed on Etsy for a friend who is moving and reported this morning that she loved it and had cried-aw-that is always great to hear :)

Over the weekend we celebrated Travis' birthday. One night was dinner with his mom and the next was the "September birthdays" party at my Aunt and Uncles on the lake. Those consist of my Dad, Step-mom, Uncle and Trav. Before grilling out we went on a pontoon ride around the lake. The weather was just perfect-the sky a little cloudy then the sun would burst from behind the cloud and blind you for a moment before going back under...He let each of the kids drive the boat and honk the horn-which of coarse is the highlight dontcha know?! It gave me flashbacks of being little and my Uncle giving each of us kids motorcycle rides thru the country when they lived out there and honking the bike horn and being sandwiched together on there together. How on earth did we fit that many on a motorcycle-safely? Who knows-lol. It brought tears to my eyes a couple of times sitting back thinking how fast times goes by and wondering if one day in their 30's they'll be thinking back to "remember riding Uncle Bud's boat and driving around all those bouy's and honking like crazy?"

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