Friday, May 24, 2013


Time for posting my instagrams from the last {2} weeks...

My cute date for the spring fling at pre-K

Playing around with watercolor pencils

Never noticed the sweet heart on Gigi's nose before!

Me and Sawyer were painting and when I was done with this he says "hey! you made me and you birds!" That kid is so awesome...

Our 1 baby cardinal that survived...he left the next day-no idea what happened to him...

Love this of Gabe-at the park on a hill just before soccer practice.

Then we found a duck nest with an egg!

An entry in Gabe's All About Me book from Kindergarten.

Chloe @ park. Silhouette on walking bridge.

Chloe and Libby before the end of the year dance.

Community art board at the Old Capital art fair :) {love}

Art journal

Art journal

Peonies and roses from the yard

Art journal from today-haven't drawn a face in 20 yrs at least. Could be worse I guess, huh?

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