Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thrifted jewelry display

 So...have I ever mentioned I love to thrift shop? I'm sure I have...and finding jewelry displays for my shows is always the best! :)

So I found this sad girl at a thrift shop awhile back. I had NO idea what to do about her. This is the only before photo of her...yuck, huh? It's just cotton fabric she's covered in but SO ugly and busy!

 My intention was to take her apart and start over but when I started tugging here and there I realised I would just destroy her so I decided to try out what I did with my full sized dress form....paint her!

Here she is with a couple coats of a beigey wall paint I had in the basement...trying to get all that pattern hidden!

 Then I took some burnt umber paint and mixed with glaze to help spread and slow drying time down. I smeared it all over with a paint brush then let sit for a minute or so and came in with a damp paper towel and swiped, dabbed, rubbed, etc to get a nice aged look. After wiping her down I went back in a couple times dabbing here and there adding a tiny bit of pattern from the paper towel. 

At first I hated the braided cording down her sides and wanted to try and take it off but now I love how the brown settled into the nooks and crannies and really finishes the look.

I then freshened up her black stand and knob after reattaching it and she's good to go!

Her original tag under her base says she's from TJ Maxx for $15. I paid about $2.50 I believe-Totally worth it for a little paint!

Since she's about 10 inches tall I'll just add one of my more petite necklaces on her and double up the chain around the neck. :)

Pretty cute, huh? 

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