Friday, May 3, 2013


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This was the first time I've had someone tell me they wanted a piece of my jewelry but gave me complete artistic control over for a custom order. It was nerve-wracking! Luckily I know her style-she keeps it simple and isn't much of a jewelry person. She wanted something easy to get on and off, light and comfortable, low maintenance and serving as a little mindfulness...
Copper organically shaped bar with fused fine silver overlay. I then handmade the infinity chain and attached a little recycled sterling nugget dangle. I love it :) 
We have new life in our ivy wall out back. It's been a struggle to keep the kids off the bucket set up by it to peek up at them...Cardinals. Adorable!!

Yesterday's painting mixed with an old photo of Sawyer...kinda loving how it turned out!

The muddiest out of town soccer games last weekend ever. This was after game 1. since they really worked the field at that time game 2 was extra squishy! Blankets lined the car seats...and got some really odd looks at Cracker Barrel on the way home.

Dad was down near Olney and had to stop in at the Schwinn warehouse and get some new early birthday bikes for the summer:)

The boring square window in the foyer has been screaming at me to do something with it. I finally decided to do a faux leaded window treatment...I had the strips on hand from an old project. Just design, measure and stick! Would have been MUCH easier if I'd been able to sketch it and tape to the outside then just trace...but the window was too high. I don't think the mistakes are too noticable ;)
(note: our house is 109 yrs old and this matches some other windows we have...)

Woke Saturday morning to this sight: Chloe helping dad take shingles off the garage roof. Ugh. She LOVED it.

He's nuts.

Another art journal page.

Linking up with Jeanette again :)

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laura bell said...

Love your faux leaded window. I think it would be cool to live in an older house, but I'm sure it comes with problems too. We don't have too many 100 yr old homes here in the Phoenix area!