Thursday, July 7, 2011

Vacation~South Carolina

I'm a month behind on vacation photos but thought I'd share a few of my favorites.
We were a Navy family. The bulk of my childhood was spent in Goose Creek, South Carolina-just outside of Charleston. It was an awesome place to grow up-and an awesome place to visit.
I haven't been back in about 16 years-and that time was a quick drive-thru...
It's been 28 years since we moved away...
Honestly this may take me a few posts~just a warning...;)

 Freaky turtles outside of Gilligin's resteraunt
Mount Pleasant
They seriously came if you called them and ate from your hand.
Tons of them. The kids LOVED them of coarse!
An awesome first evening :)

 The best 3 hours of our trip.
My best friend from 1-4th grades-Michelle.
28 years since I'd seen her. She drove 7 hrs from Virginia to visit for such a short time.
So very thankful for the time we had! :)

 My water baby

 The coolest bike EVAH!
I wish I could have met the chic who rode this around.
I bet she would have been interesting :)
I would totally ride this.
So jealous~I want a Wonder Woman for my bike too...

 Sullivan's Island
Home Team BBQ
"Painkiller" special.
No, I felt no pain for quite awhile...

 My brother happened to be there at the same time we were-crazytiming!
He was working for Sister Hazel just down the beach so he ran down to hang out with us for the evening :)

 I LOVE this shot.

So many fun things to find.
Tons of hermit crabs...crabclaws...horseshoe crabs...


Chloe was pointing to the "treasure" she swore was washed up on the other side of the tidal pool and couldn't wait to get over there to check it out.
(there was no treasure-just a broken wood box-bummer)
But I just LOVE the pop in from the side by my brother-priceless.

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