Friday, July 8, 2011

Vacation Part 2

A few from the next day or 2...

 Yes, I'm a foot picture taker...

 Pretty much sums up how all of the group pictures turn out.
Walking around downtown Charleston.

 Hyman's seafood downtown Charleston.
Vanilla Ice and Sandra Bullock also ate at our table lol

Family photo taken at the Angel Tree-John's Island, SC.

 The Angel Oak Tree
This is maybe 1/3 of it?
I've never seen anything so enormous!
1500 years old approx?

 Gabe at the Battery

Sawyer at the Battery

Canons at the Battery

 Unitarian church, downtown Charleston.
The cemetary has always drawn me in-it's amazing.

The biggest onion rings I've ever seen...

Pitt street bridge, Mt. Pleasant~
A beautiful spot for a sunset walk :)
Hung out with this crazy guy and his huge great danes for awhile.

A crab pulled up on Pitt street bridge.

Sunset view from Pitt street bridge~

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