Friday, July 15, 2011

Charleston part 4 (the end.)

 That would be me.

Our last day we spent sweltering at Charlestown Landing.
Ours pics from there were nothing special so I won't be showing those...but we had a fun time.
The kids loved the little zoo they had.
But man was it hot that day...

 Later we ended up at the beach to cool off and say goodbye to the Atlantic...

love this shot-sooc too!

Another goofy "family photo"
I think I love it ;)
I look talllll and skinny lol

 Started finding a few jellyfish laying around...

 Love the evening light on the beach...

 Sawyer's footprints over to everyone else...
Sandbar at Sullivan's.

 Finally! 2 sand dollars that could come home with me.

We loved that enormous tidal pool/sandbar area at Sullivan's Island! It was so cool.
Sawyer way back in the distance looking for seashells...

Can't wait to go back. Can't wait.

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