Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween 2010

A bit late on my halloween pictures...a bit late on alot!
I had to take a break and work on items for an upcoming show.

Without further adu here are the kiddos this year...

Gabe's owl costume I made from scratch and it turned out pretty darn cute if I do say so myself!

Nana found some retro thread in a trunk in the basement and thought Chloe could probably fit in them. (nothing a little glue gun won't fix!)
She was a cute little hippie.
I still can't believe my mother in law wore this. Ever.

Sawyer's outfit I'm ashamed to say didn't have any thought put into it but he sure was cute anyway! The train conductor hat and scarf pulled from the play clothes and smudgey little cheeks...When he first saw a picture of himself he freaked out! "oh noooooo! dir-dy!!"
Ya, he doesn't lke to be dirty. He's that kid.

We still have WAY too much candy sitting around here
{calling my name...}
I've gotta get rid of it- before it lands on my butt.

I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween.


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