Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Which way to go?

Have you ever heard of geocaching?
I only heard about it a couple months ago and it sounds really cool. The kids were all psyched to try it. Unfortunately I think it's a necessity to have a handheld GPS device. I thought we could go by the clues and maps online but no such luck...
We set out on the trail at 9:30am with 94 degrees temps already. Mistake! Loads of bugspray thank goodness because the woods were full of nasty mosquitos.

Then we went searching a different location at the park where a few statues lie but still-nothing. We stopped to pay tribute to the Angel of Hope as we always do when we're at the park since our son's name is on it.

And....of coarse the prerequisite picture of someone goofing it up but totally being himself. lol. This is the best one I got of the group. Our friend, Kate, is staying with us for a few days...

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