Friday, July 9, 2010

The vacation that never ends

Wouldn't that be awesome though? The never ending vacation...
Anyhow, here we are 2 months later and I'm still posting vacation pics! Only one post after this one to go!
These are from our last day. This is Nugget. He came along from Chloe's 3rd grade classroom to journal where he visited. Here he is hangin at Sand Key.
Gabe was much more confortable on the sand than in the water. He LOVED digging and building.
Shells, shells, shells.....

I want to do something with this picture-just not sure what yet...
Cropped and framed big over our bed? Maybe?

All of us as the sun goes down.

Trav and Sawyer

Sunset on the last night is always a little sad.

Everyone had to have sand names, of coarse.

Someone snuck in this shot.

Sawyer found this deep hole someone had dug and we couldn't get him out. He kept wiggling back down in there and was having a great time so we just let him play.

I'll have one more post with shots from our way home. We stopped in Paducah for lunch-it was a lovely town! We got a few good pics there...Until tomorrow.......

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