Saturday, July 10, 2010

Our way home...

On our last morning we woke early. The car was already packed so it was nice and stressfree.
I had just enough time before the kids woke up to head down to the walk at the end of our condo unit. Just me, my coffee and my notebook. I did my morning pages and sketched this scene in my journal. It was so peaceful. Just me and a man on the dock fishing nearby.
The most gorgeous tree dripping with spanish moss. Somewhere in Georgia outside of a Taco Bell~just after the sweet lady working there sugared the kids up with lots of free samples of their new icee things. I had to practically jog in place under the tree to keep the fireants from running up my legs.
(*bad experience when I was a kid with those suckers-ugh)

And here we are in Paducah, Kentucky. We stopped in since we were running good on time and kept seeing all these signs for the historic and arts districts. This was in the street by the Riverwalk.

Wandering the historic district...

Such a cool building-it spanned the entire block long.

Sunday afternoon~we are all starved and were so lucky to find a place open. Wow-this is someplace I'd definately go to again!!

The historic plaque

Ever since we were in New Orleans we've had to try other muffelettas when we run across them. I can safely say this is the best one this far north of Louisiana that we've had.
(I wouldn't have taken it's picture if it wasn't awesome!)

And the adjoining bakery....just look what was screaming at me from the windows...

A drive looping throughout the streets in the historic arts area. Some of the coolest historic homes! All with working art studios and galleries...I heard they had done some special funding or incentives for artists to buy up the houses in the area to bring that area back to life.

As we walked around window shopping we kept finding all these neat short little alleyways that had cool finishes and the best light. Not at all like the alleys we have here in town. I lucked out with a pretty picture of Chloe-the boys weren't as cooperative.

Ok, so that was the longest run of vacation posts ever-lol. Thanks for hanging in there.

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