Thursday, November 19, 2009

Just the beginning...

Well, we're quickly jumping into winter. My dreaded season. I'm already mourning my last class for the Artist's Way- which ended last night. The 2nd session picks up in mid-March. I was so looking forward to it jumping back in in January but the group decided to hold off a few months.

Jan-March is my yucky time. Easy to admit. I get the winter blahs like nobody's business...

One thing the class has really helped me with is finding joy in the little things. I plan to work on this daily. It's also helped me to organize my thoughts a little better, prioritize my time and get in touch with myself-seeing myself from the outside-in.

On that note~ I love this quote from my notebook...

"In order to have self expression, we must first have a self to express"
Pretty much sums up alot.

And because I hate blogging without a picture here's a peek at a few of the little initial pendants I whipped up for the Panther Creek show. I've gotten quite a few orders for these for Christmas. If anyone's interested give me a call or email. They average half inch give or take with a sterling saucer on the bottom, a swarovski crystal to top it off and strung on sterling wire. These are the ones I have left right now but could always make others in your choice of color. They run $17.

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